• keithhickman

Beautiful Joshua Tree home looks like a supervillain’s lair

This desert dream house—perfect for the fashionable Bond villain— was designed by super-organic architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, who immediately fell in love with the site—10 beautiful, naked acres in Joshua Tree.

The couple gave him free rein, and in 1988 work began on this concrete, steel, glass, and copper house, placed perfectly naturally on the rocky site and looking from the top kind of like a ribcage.

The house was finished in 1993 but interior designer John Vugrin spent several years making "tweaks." The Doolittles didn't move in until the early aughts, and by 2014, they were ready to downsize. They left for Utah and listed the property for $3 million, describing it as “the most important architectural house you may have never seen.”

The proud new owners are Manhattan Beach residents Kristopher Dukes, an interior designer, and Matthew Jacobson, a Facebook executive, who intend “to preserve it as a work of art”.

credit to author's: Adrian Glick Kudler and Jenna Chandler