• keithhickman

Combine Garden Shed and Green House, Get a Fairytale-like Dwelling

Wow, this mini house inside a greenhouse is sure compact. Wouldn’t it feel like you were sleeping right in the forest? Talk about being one with nature. Like camping out under open skies – a blanket of stars above you with nature and wildlife around you. Only there’s a wall of glass protecting you. No bugs, no bears, no getting rained on. We like that a lot. And in the true tradition of camping out, you can put the dishes and BBQ or Hibachi Grill in the rear cupboard and pull it out at mealtime. The Kekkila Green Shed, designed by Linda Bergroth and Ville Hara, is a Finnish innovation. It comes prefabricated in two sizes and styles. It’s simple, but it’s not what we’d call primitive at all. That bed looks pretty comfortable, doesn’t it?

This glass wall house comes in four different modules, each inspired by a greenhouse. Arrange them alone or in groups to suit your style and functional needs. A small guest house, a sweet little retreat in the garden or to build on your beach house designs ideas, these compact houses prove that less really is more...