• keithhickman

Concrete house in Buenos Aires fits among mature trees

Argentinian firm Besonías Almeida has built a house in Buenos Aires around existing foliage, using board-formed concrete and dark laminated timber panels.

Casa Aranzazu is located in a residential part of the city, on a forested site with a footprint of 7,287 square feet. From the front, the concrete house appears to be rectangular, but a U-shaped layout is revealed towards the back.

The building measures 2,842 square feet (264 square metres), complete with a partially covered garage that can fit three cars, and slots between the trees dotted around the corner lot.

The house was designed so the clients could live both indoors and outside. Allowing them to do this, a covered outdoor living room integrates a large existing oak tree near the swimming pool.

credit to: Bridget Cogley