• keithhickman

Edoardo Tresoldi builds ghostly arches in the desert at Coachella Festival

Sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi has brought his brand of ethereal architecture to California’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, creating his biggest artwork to date.

The Italian artist has built three classical, neo-Baroque structures, dubbed Etherea, in the stark desert landscape, framing the arid plains and mountain views.

‘Etherea is linked to the context and imbued with the vast California skies,’ Tresoldi told us. ‘Its transparent language filters and accommodates the strong natural dimension of the desert, a place characterised by an essential relationship between its elements, enriching it with fragmented vanishing points and augmented perspectives.’

The trio of structures are 36 ft, 54 ft and 72 ft-high respectively.

Adds Tresoldi: ‘Thanks to this gradual change of scale, the passage from one architecture of Etherea to the other generates a sequence of perceptive illusions that shrink or intensify the views.’

The ephemeral installation is the largest artwork on display at Coachella’s bumper 2018 extravaganza, which sees partygoers on the desert enclave for two long weekends.

Etherea is Tresoldi’s latest foray into the music festival world. Previously he’s created installations at Life Is Beautiful, The Secret Garden Party and DERIVE among others, as well as building ghostly ruins inside Paris’ Le Bon Marché and a phantom Basilica in Puglia.

It’s on display at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2018 which runs 13-15 April 2018 and 20-22 Apr 2018.

credit to: Betty Wood