• keithhickman

“Glass Pavilion”, a true vision from Steve Hermann

Situated in a picturesque landscape in California, this astonishing villa was created by Steve Hermann as a lavish statement of modern architecture.

Inspired directly from the need of freedom, this wonderful house really stands out through the significant quantity of glass used throughout the structure. By using pretentious glass elements in the facade, the architect has created a beautiful composition revolved around the idea of pure freedom, light and alack of inhibition.

On the inside, everything was designed to show the observer who enters this domicile an image of pure elegance through a modern and vibrant interior composition. Every decoration, every furniture piece placed in the house reflects the wonderful synergy between opulent art and modern technology.

The entire house offers the owner a multitude of areas specially intended to satisfy every need for a lavish lifestyle. All of the existing spaces are statements of modern architecture, from the showcase for a beautiful car collection, to the 5 bedrooms which cater to every need of those who dwell within.

Only the best materials were used in the design of this place. The architect was also able to integrate this building with the surrounding nature flawlessly. This provides us with a perfect example of modern architecture in synergy with nature.

credit to: Jeanne Paula