• keithhickman

HOMB | Taft House / Skylab Architecture

Skylab Architecture and Method Homes partnered on developing a modular and prefab building system named HOMB. The system uses 100 square foot triangle modules designed to be site adaptable which fasten together to create endless form possibilities. Modules are stacked and assembled to meet the height and square footage requirements for each unique project.

Composed of 28 triangle modules for the Taft Housewas erected and assembled in one day. While the subgrade basement was built on site, the modules were being built offsite. The two modular levels were delivered in 6 units and consists of 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and an accessory dwelling unit for a total of 3,930 square feet.

HOMB has a super-insulated building skin which is estimated to save 40% energy over code, utilizing warm floors connected to a solar powered efficient mechanical system and water conservation features. This prefab design minimizes waste and recycling at the factory by creating an efficient assembly line and sources sustainable materials using low-voc processes.

This building module process can range in scale from a single family residence up to a 50,000 square foot commercial building, the use of modularity simplifies the design process, streamlines the construction phase and future needs of any additions or re-configurations.

credit to: Skylab Architecture