• keithhickman

Meet MU77 perched high over hollywood hills

LA-based studio Arshia architects has completed one of the newest additions to the iconic mountainscape. The house as an object differentiates itself from the landscape as a form alien to its surroundings, whose stark white envelope alludes to the nature of a stone having broken through the ground.

The upper story contains 4 bedrooms, each with views over the valley, while the lower level houses the master suite and living areas of the house, opening onto an exterior patio and swimming pool. The open floor plan of the lower floor offers a central, light-filled gathering space with fully operable glass walls that open to the outside. White walls and light-colored white oak floors reflect natural light to all spaces of the interior making for a permanently bright home. The central living area unites all private rooms of the house, providing views over Hollywood. Check out these fabulous photos below....