• keithhickman

North America’s Tallest Single-Family House

The unique Falcon Nest, designed by architect Sukumar Pal for his own family, the 10-story house in Prescott, Arizona is the tallest single-family residence in North America.

Actually pretty small for its surroundings, it stands next to the Thumb Butte, a natural landmark that stands 6514 feet.

The house looks more like a fire lookout tower than a typical three-bedroom home, in part because the chimney-shaped design works to passively keep the house at a comfortable temperature in both winter and summer. The living area juts out like a cross on top of a tall inner atrium, with glass ceilings in several of the rooms.

While it may be the tallest house in America, it’s far from the tallest in the world: It pales in comparison to Mumbai’s 568-foot-tall single family skyscraper!