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Palos Verdes Art Center is raffling a jaw-dropping midcentury modern

Saving for a down payment is a big hurdle towards home-ownership. But what if all you needed was $150? That’s the cost of a ticket in the Palos Verdes Art Center’s dream house raffle, where the grand prize is the Anderson House, a mid-century modern perched on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean. With walls of glass, redwood panelling, a wide stone fireplace, and a striking butterfly roof, it is a work of art designed by master modernist architect Aaron Green, who worked closely with Frank Lloyd Wright.

“The Aaron Green property was a rich score for us, because it’s so phenomenal with it’s location right on the ocean,” Joe Baker, executive director of the art center, said.

That fabulous cliff site is a “big part of the equation,” said Jan Novie, president of Aaron G. Green Associates, Inc., “as is the virtually seamless relationship of indoor to outdoor elements.”

Built in 1959, the house was designed for Palos Verdes residents Judge F. and Jeannie Anderson. Its rooflines are sharply angled and cantilevered, but the interiors are calm and warm. A disciple of organic modernism, Green ran Wright's West Coast practice as well as his own, building a portfolio of 200 residences before his death in 2001.

credit to: Jenna Chandler

Palos Verdes Dream House Raffle

If at least 75,000 tickets are sold by April 14, the grand prize winner may chose the Anderson House or a cash prize.

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To enter the raffle, call (888) 528-8805.