• keithhickman


It’d be nice to live in a house built by a great architect, and you’d think the bigger the dwelling, the better. But as evidenced by this compact California home, sometimes a master builder can make do with a small canvas. Especially when you let him open things up with a retractable wall.

The Hailey Residence, as it’s known, was built by Richard Neutra in 1959. It sits in the hills north of the Hollywood Reservoir, and from the outside, it looks decidedly modest. The inside, though, seems plenty comfortable–and significantly more spacious than its 1,129-square-foot listing would suggest.

For one, the home includes a soft, moveable wall separating the den from the living area, essentially allowing the main living space to span the entirety of the house. It also features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that lets the interior stretch out visually into the hills below.

The effect is a living space that seems expansive despite its size. And it’s proof that a house with a small floor plan, nestled amongst trees on a hilltop, can escape the inevitable and do something other than “cozy.” Even with a fireplace.

For lovers of true mid-century modern architecture, you can’t get much better than this!