• keithhickman

Silvertop: The ultimate midcentury look but with improved technology

A comprehensive and complex restoration of a masterful John Lautner-designed home in Silver Lake is now complete. Silvertop was commissioned in 1956 by Kenneth Reiner, a businessman and inventor. Over the next eight years, Reiner and Lautner worked together to create an incredible “Atomic Age masterwork” that ultimately bankrupted Reiner.

In 1974, the house sold to a couple who lived nearby, and when it came on the market again in 2014, it was visually stunning but also something of a fixer-upper, with “a leaky roof, a cramped kitchen... and a host of midcentury technological headaches".

Wood and Nardin paid $8.55 million for Silvertop. “Renovation costs amounted to roughly the equivalent of the purchase price, according to several estimates, including about $1 million” for lighting alone.

The result has the ultimate mid-century look but with improved technology. The home’s glass living room wall “formerly chugged like a locomotive” but now emits no more than a hum as it opens, and speakers are hidden throughout the house behind panels of cork in the ceiling. Check out these photos below....

credit to: Bianca Barragan