• keithhickman

summer house combines references to Scandinavian and Belarusian architecture

The cozy feel of classic Scandinavian cottages is referenced in the interior of this summer house near the Belarusian village of Raubichi, which is clad entirely in larch and cedar. Zrobym Architects, which is based in the nearby city of Minsk, designed the summer house (also known as a dacha) as a quiet retreat for the client's mother.

The house is located on a residential estate on the shore of the Dubraŭskaje Reservoir and is designed as a warm and simple dwelling with a floor area of just 68 square metres. The house is raised above the ground on an insulated slab and features a gabled roof with large, overhanging eaves that is covered in aluminium sheets joined with standing seams.

The building's exterior is clad in a combination of Scandinavian larch and cedar, which was chosen for its pleasant aroma. Some of the boards are angled to match the pitch of the roof, adding a more dynamic detail to the facades.

Large windows incorporated into two of the facades ensure plenty of daylight reaches the interior and frame views of the surroundings. In particular, the double-height openings of the gable end face out towards an apple tree that extends up through a decked terrace at the front of the house. Photos below show the dramatic result of the finished design...