• keithhickman

Take a look inside Tehran's transformer house

It's the townhouse that twists like a Rubik's cube, to bask in the summer sun and shield itself when winter bites. Welcome to the transforming Sharifi-ha House in Tehran, Iran, where a normally static facade has been replaced by an adaptable, modular living space.

Not content with luxury touches including a swimming pool, gym and cinema space, the seven-floor mansion has been designed to incorporate three rotating blocks that turn 90 degrees and transform the interior and exterior space.

The design was grounded in need rather than luxury, says Tehran-based studio Next Office, the architecture firm behind the new building.

Temperatures in Iran can rise above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) or plummet well below freezing. Traditional Iranian houses cope with these extremes by incorporating an airy living room for summer and a separate, cosy living room for winter months. But in the Sharifi-ha -- meaning Sharif's house, after its owner --rooms are transformed at the touch of a button.

What a creative combination of form and function --- see these great photos below...