• keithhickman

the Most Spectacular House in Los Angeles: The Sheats-Goldstein House

Designed by John Lautner and owned and loved for decades has now been promised to the LA County Museum of Art by a man named James Goldstein. It's the fulfillment of a long-held promise to give it to the public after he's done with it.

It's the most spectacular house in Los Angeles: triangular concrete jaws held open by walls of glass, and filled with transparent sinks, built-in leather furniture (including a bed), outdoor corridors with no rails, and windows that look into the pool. The main entrance is past a pool crossed by a glass and stone walkway. Down several winding concrete stairways is a skyspace structure by artist James Turrell (donated along with the house) where you can lie on leather mats and watch the cycle of colored lights shift with the time of day. On a 2011 tour, the docents warned "This is probably the most dangerous house you'll ever be in."

The house is filled (filled) with photos of Goldstein posing with models and celebrities. It has appeared in The Big Lebowski as pornographer Jackie Treehorn's house, and in an actual porn. It has its own detached nightclub and an infinity tennis court with some of the most incredible views of Los Angeles. (Goldstein plays tennis nearly every day.) It's surrounded by a tropical jungle, which requires the attention of four full-time gardeners and a landscape architect.

It's impossible to imagine the Sheats-Goldstein ever belonged to anyone but a model-loving, courtside Lakers fixture who owns trailer parks and dresses like Dr. Teeth from the Muppets, but in fact Goldstein is the house's second owner. The house was built for a family with young children, of all things.

In 2002, Goldstein and Nicholson tore down a lesser Lautner on a neighboring lot to build a three-level entertainment complex topped with a tennis court. Inside, Club James has retractable glass walls, floor-to-ceiling TVs, club lighting, an outdoor bar, and multi-stall bathrooms for men and women. Goldstein's office is also in the structure with angular built-in furniture to match the main house. It's certainly a one-of-a-kind!

credit to: Adrian Glick Kudler