• keithhickman

This Unique Hotel Concept Lets You Sleep ‘With The Birds’

One of the top trends in architecture lately is building eco-hotels allowing their guests to connect intimately with nature while the structures themselves have minimum to no ecological impact on the environment. An amazing example is the ‘One With The Birds’ unique architectural project, developed and completed by architecture and design collective Penda.

This astonishing building may seem like a tree-house, but its uniqueness is indisputable in both – its flexible architectural structure, as well as its purpose and use. It is practically a ‘portable’ hotel made from bamboo rods brought together in an array of configurations to create a versatile module which can be easily expanded horizontally and vertically, allowing for three dimensional adaptations to the demands placed by site, location and purpose. On the other hand, as it is built high in between the tree tops, it allows the guests to enjoy the view in close contact with nature, being ‘one with the birds’.