• keithhickman

We Have The World's Worst Commute. Here's How Bad It Is

For the sixth year running, Los Angeles has the worst gridlock in the world, and all that traffic takes a toll on Angelenos. But just how bad is it? According to a new study by the transportation analytics company INRIX, the average LA commuter spends 102 hours per year stuck in traffic. That's a four-day weekend getaway, two workouts a week, or 10 whole seasons of binge watching. It's not just expensive to live in Los Angeles. It's time-consuming.

But the expense is real too. According to INRIX, the wear and tear and gas guzzling involved in all that gridlock, costs $2,828 per person and a total of $19.2 billion for the region as a whole.

Let the tunnel boring commence Elon Musk!!