"Esther is very client and focused and goes above and beyond in working with you whether you are on the sell side or the buy side of the deal. I have known her for 7 years and worked with her on several transactions and she has done a great job on each one! She has a great personality and warmness that makes her very easy to work with! Highly recommend her!" 


"Keith Hickman found us our first home! Keith reached out to me when I started inquiring on Zillow about properties in Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, and Glendale. I let him know what we were looking for in a home and he came up with listings he thought we would be interested in."



"Esther and Keith Hickman helped in every way possible when I was looking at homes recently. I recommend them highly to anyone looking to buy a new home! You will not regret it. Both of them are extremely responsive and knew exactly what I was looking for when I asked."



"I met KEITH several years ago. He was always kind and very responsible person. He helped me on several occasions to show my house during the time I was renting the property. Those who met him had great admiration and respect for the information he offered the perspective clients. I felt that the client trusted KEITH for his ability to communicate with them. They further felt great trust in him to share their information about their lives and their interests with KEITH. I wish him great success and congratulations for the new born."



"Keith and Esther were the best thing to have happened to us during our first home buying experience. As a first time buyer we had sometimes conflicting and confused requirements, a uniquely inflexible timeline and lots of unknowns. Still, at the end of it, if I can think back and feel that I was always under control and I took the best decision under the circumstances then it's thanks in a large part to Keith and Esther. They had a way of never putting any pressure on us but always guiding us towards our good subtly, with never a you-are-wasting-our-time air around them. They were always available and responsive and when I say "always" it usually meant later than 9-10pm for them.


Since we were out of state they coordinated everything for us - from inspections to driving me around open houses to even our loan and escrow processing. They followed up with our lenders quite diligently when the process was being delayed a bit. We started out buying a home and in the process have won us good friends. I would recommend Keith and Esther in a heartbeat to anyone willing to take our opinion."